The Importance of Testing Your Employees

Press Release  -  July 17th 2020

The Importance of Testing Your Employees

As UK businesses look to get back to work, protecting their employees and customers from infection in the face of a global pandemic is of critical importance. If the UK is to avoid a second peak and an economically disastrous second lockdown, it is imperative that businesses take responsible action in avoiding the spread of infection.

Easy Antibody Testing

The only accurate, reliable, responsible and practical method in which to do this is with rapid antibody testing. Rapid antibody testing kits are non-invasive, portable, quick and easy to use anywhere and give results in just 10 minutes. They are also cost-effective, only £29.50 per kit (min order 25 units) – a small, sensible investment in protecting your business. They can also be delivered within 24 hours.

Testing You Can Trust

Rapid antibody testing is highly accurate, more accurate than swab and serology testing conducted in laboratories. MEDsan UK’s test is manufactured in Germany and has a sensitivity (ability to detect antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19) of over 97% as shown from results of over 7000 participants.

Team Bubbles

To prevent businesses having to close in the event of a positive result, it is advisable to split teams into groups. These groups must not physically meet at any time during the pandemic. Should a member of one team test positive for COVID-19, that team can isolate whilst the second team continues to work. This method can protect businesses from disaster when infection does become present in the workplace.

Back to Work Safely

In order to restart the UK economy, businesses must get back to work, but they must do so safely and responsibly. By protecting your employees from infection, you also protect their livelihood, your customers, your business, and the economy.

What To Do After Results

  • Employee tests negative: continue to work, taking care to socially distance.
  • Employee tests positive for IgM: the IgM antibody means the employee is contagious and therefore must self-isolate and contact the NHS for guidance.
  • Employee tests positive for IgM and IgG, or just IgG: the IgG antibody means the employee has had the virus, now has immunity and is no longer contagious. They are safe to continue working.

Key Considerations for Rapid Antibody Testing

  • Non-invasive
  • Results within 10 minutes
  • Portable
  • Indicates if an employee is not infected, contagious or has immunity
  • If any employee is infectious, this can be identified before they travel to work

MEDsan UK advises businesses around the UK on their back to work strategies. Our consultant physician is also on hand for medical guidance and advice.

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