The Clavadel care facility reopens safely with staff antibody testing from MEDsan UK

Case Study  -  June 30th 2020

The Clavadel care facility reopens safely with staff antibody testing from MEDsan UK

Part of The Geoghegan Group, The Clavadel is a specialist centre for post-operative rehabilitation and convalescent care close to the Surrey Downs in Guildford. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, The Clavadel ceased normal operations and focussed on supporting the NHS by taking non-Covid patients from local hospitals to help free up acute beds for emergencies. Now that the NHS is moving on to the next stages of managing Covid-19 and restarting elective services, The Clavadel is restarting the provision of its normal rehabilitation care pathways.

In order to reopen The Clavadel safely, both staff and patients need to be protected from infection. The Clavadel’s guests are rehabilitating from other health conditions and protecting the welfare of these guests during a pandemic is of critical importance.

In addition to scrupulous cleaning and hygiene procedures, including the use of PPE by staff, The Clavadel chose to deploy a staff antibody testing regime, using rapid antibody tests from MEDsan UK. MEDsan UK’s tests are manufactured in Germany to the highest specification and have an accuracy of 97.1%, making them amongst the most accurate on the market. They are simple to use and generate results within 10 minutes, meaning there are no hospital visits and no waiting for laboratory results.

The Clavadel is able to test all of its staff on site, simply and easily and will know within 10 minutes if there is any presence of infection amongst its employees. All staff are tested for the virus, as it is well-known that many carriers are asymptomatic. The Clavadel is also ensuring all post-surgical guests have had a recent Covid-19 swab and self-isolated for 14 days prior to surgery in line with current Government advice.

Charles Geoghegan, Director of The Clavadel says “The safety of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance here at The Clavadel. In order to reopen safely, we needed to be sure The Clavadel is infection-free and the practical and speedy means to do this is with rapid antibody testing. This form of testing is non-invasive and gives us an immediate result. The tests we are using from MEDsan UK are highly accurate and we are confident these will enable us to keep our guests and staff protected from the virus so we can continue to provide the highest standards of care.”

With infection so prevalent in the care sector and the Government yet to provide a comprehensive, practical and reliable testing program, care homes and facilities are turning to rapid antibody testing as an accurate and responsible course of action to ensure the safety of staff and patients. MEDsan UK advises care facilities across the country on antibody testing strategies. MEDsan UK’s consultant physician is also on hand for medical advice and guidance.