Supplying over 50 million rapid antibody tests to governments, hospitals and businesses globally

Press Release  -  May 27th 2020

Supplying over 50 million rapid antibody tests to governments, hospitals and businesses globally

MEDsan UK are supplying governments, hospitals, care homes and businesses around the world with rapid covid19 antibody tests in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 50 million units have been ordered by countries responding to the virus with testing programs to protect their citizens. This includes supplying the Monaco government in its campaign to test its entire population.

As organisations look to get back to work, many have called on MEDsan UK to help protect their employees with a reliable and responsible testing strategy.

Worldwide tests

MEDsan’s rapid covid19 antibody tests are manufactured in Germany by its owning company, SanPharma – a well-respected diagnostics institution producing medical devices for over 40 years. MEDsan’s tests have a clinical sensitivity of 96.88% and a specificity of 100%, making them amongst the most accurate available. The reliability of these tests, combined with SanPharma’s renowned expertise, has meant governments, healthcare providers and businesses throughout the world have trusted in MEDsan UK to test their citizens, residents and employees in the fight against the global pandemic.

“Test, test, test” has been the mantra from the World Health Organisation throughout this crisis. Rapid covid19 antibody tests are the only solution to test large volumes of people continually whilst also receiving results immediately. Results generated days after a test is conducted are of little use, as the patient could have contracted the virus in the meantime. Immediate results are the key benefit of rapid covid19 antibody testing.

MEDsan UK is here to bring our global expertise to UK businesses looking to get back to work safely and responsibly.

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