Pata Yamaha World Superbike Team use MEDsan UK’s rapid antibody testing to protect themselves and each other whilst competing

Case Study  -  August 17th 2020

Pata Yamaha World Superbike Team use MEDsan UK’s rapid antibody testing to protect themselves and each other whilst competing

The Pata Yamaha World Superbike Team are taking coronavirus countermeasures seriously as they return to action at the Circuit Barcelona Catalunya in preparation for competing in the World Superbike Championships once again.

To begin with, the team needs to ensure all team members are infection free. They conduct PCR viral testing before travelling to Barcelona. When at the track, this testing is backed up with antibody testing from MEDsan UK.

Paul Denning, Team Principal of Pata Yamaha World Superbike Team, said: “It’s a different world now for everyone, sports teams included. It is imperative for us to return to racing safely. Conducting antibody tests at the track help us belt and brace the time delay between the PCR testing before travel and arriving at the track. With all the potential risks associated with travelling, rapid antibody testing is an important measure to take to ensure the team are infection free. Keeping the team safe from infection is the number one priority. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to the championship as a whole. The only way this show will stay on the road is if it remains free of the virus.”

In addition to the testing protocol, the team are following a range of coronavirus countermeasures, including engineers wearing masks, face screens and protective glasses. Journalists and other guests and visitors are no longer permitted in the pit box. The team are also provided care packages of zinc and vitamins C and D to help boost their immunity and hand sanitisers to keep on their person.

To ensure social distancing, each team member has been provided their own room, whereas previously they would have shared. This also helps everyone to get a full night’s sleep and feel as energised and healthy as possible.

The team will continue their antibody testing program throughout the full racing season, both prior to and during the race events.

Paul Hillman, CEO of MEDsan UK, said: “Testing is the only means to reduce the risk to the elite sports community’s professionals and the fans who support them. MEDsan is proud to help Pata Yamaha get back out on the racetrack safely as they prepare for the Superbike World Championship, after this disruptive time for global sport. Keeping celebrated sporting events open, and people safe is a delicate balance. Regular testing for antibodies is a necessary part of the solution and the most efficient way to achieve real time results and get sporting calendars, many of which require close contact between individuals, back on schedule. By quickly establishing who has had coronavirus, all sports teams – from motorbike racers and mechanics to rugby players and coaches – can develop a best practice for keeping their employees safe. Pata Yamaha WorldSBK Team is a leading example.”