Meet the MEDsan UK Team

Paul Hillman

Paul Hillman CEO

For the past 20 plus years Paul has owned and invested in a diverse range of businesses and products, including alternative meat products, medical marijuana and dairy free ice cream.

Now, as CEO of MEDsan UK, Paul is investing in his original trade – pharmaceuticals. He began his career as a pharmacist and is proud to have established MEDsan UK, the UK distributor for MEDsan GmbH, a long established and well-respected diagnostics company based in Hamburg.

Paul is a lover, not a fighter, and a mediocre squash player.

Dr Mark Vanderpump, MB ChB MD FRCP

Dr Mark Vanderpump, MB ChB MD FRCP Senior Medical Advisor

Dr Mark Vanderpump is a Consultant Endocrinologist. He resigned from his NHS practice at the Royal Free Hospital in April 2016 after 30 years of service within the NHS and now works in an independent full-time private practice specialising in all aspects of diabetes and endocrinology based in central London. He was President of the British Thyroid Association 2014-2017 and is the current Chair of the London Consultants’ Association.

He has an international reputation within thyroidology and endocrinology. He is widely published with studies in epidemiology, immunology, audit and the cost-effectiveness of managing endocrine disease. He has expertise in the application of health screening methods and interpretation of data within population studies. He is acting in a medical advisory role for MEDsan UK regarding the practical and clinical application of the Rapid Covid-19 antibody test kit.

Henning von Spreckelsen

Henning von Spreckelsen Industry Advisor

Henning von Spreckelsen has worked in senior management positions in companies large and small, with experience in chemicals, plastics and packaging, as well as having formed several companies.

Currently an investor, advisor or NED to companies in industries from marine lighting to recycled plastic waste to foreign exchange to digital metadata.

Adrian Beeston

Adrian Beeston Industry Advisor

Adrian is a private investor who specialises in the financing and structuring of small to medium size businesses and the flotation of these companies on the US, English and Canadian Exchanges. He was the founder of Silver Falcon plc that became Hemogenix Plc, founder of Argo Blockchain Plc, which raised £27m in 2019 and floated on the London Stock Exchange.

He is presently a founder / director of SV Pharma Ltd and MEDsanuk Ltd, both based out of London as well as well Eastower LLC, a US based business in the telecoms space. Prior to this he was a Director of Thorpe-Beeston Investments Ltd, from 2002 until 2017.

He moved to the UK from Canada in 2000, where he worked with Altium Capital, a major pan-European corporate finance house, where he focused primarily on the raising of private equity.

Vicki Leadbitter

Vicki Leadbitter Communications Consultant

Vicki consults with MEDsan on customer and media communications, bringing 20 years of PR and marketing expertise from private and public sectors, communicating to both to businesses and consumers. Vicki has previously held senior communications roles at De Beers, Charbonnel et Walker and LVMH. More recently, Vicki has led communications projects in the health sector.

Vicki has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Kent and has a diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing from the Institute of Data & Marketing.

Anya Dutta

Anya Dutta Sales Coordinator

A former banker, Anya has over six years of experience in relationship management, servicing large UK corporates.

A client first approach is central to Anya’s work – she endeavours to always offer a comprehensive and effective sales and service package.

Anya has a bachelor’s degree in Business & Management and a diploma in Accounting & Finance from the European College of Business and Management.