MEDsan’s Task Force Mobile: Testing Teams for Coronavirus On-Site

Press Release  -  February 19th 2021

MEDsan’s Task Force Mobile: Testing Teams for Coronavirus On-Site

MEDsan have launched a Task Force Mobile team to take rapid coronavirus testing out on the road. Through our Task Force Mobile, we are able to travel to sites and locations where rapid testing is needed to protect teams of people from coronavirus. This has been particularly useful for professional sports teams.

Throughout the pandemic, elite sports teams have continued to compete, by deploying frequent rapid coronavirus testing programs, to provide a constant understanding of the infection status of their team.

In order to safely and accurately test teams on sites of matches and tournaments, MEDsan have mobilised an on-site task force, operating from a mobile rapid testing laboratory.

From our Task Force Mobile, our trained medical professionals – wearing full PPE – administer rapid antigen testing to teams of individuals, whilst following social distancing guidelines.  Within 20 minutes, teams will know if there are any positive cases. There is no need to wait for laboratory results and no delay in results, as opposed to traditional PCR testing.

This approach enables teams to test for the virus pre-competition as easily and conveniently as possible.

Manufactured in Germany, MEDsan’s rapid antigen tests have a clinical sensitivity of 92.5%, are CE certified, and listed by the BfArM Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. By choosing MEDsan, professional sports teams can rest assured that they are using highly accurate, reliable and trustworthy testing procedures to protect themselves and their opponents from infection.

MEDsan has provided rapid coronavirus tests to numerous professional sports teams throughout the pandemic, including teams in the Bundesliga, Hamburg Towers Basketball, Handball-Bundesliga-Women – the top professional women’s handball league in Germany –  and the Pata Yamaha World Superbike Team.

In addition to rapid antigen testing to detect current infection, many teams choose to additionally use rapid antibody testing which can also identify who has had coronavirus in the past and is now carrying the antibodies. Those who have the antibodies must still follow social distancing guidelines and national lockdown rules.

Paul Hillman, CEO of MEDsan UK, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting celebrated sporting events with rapid antigen testing. It’s great to see sports teams taking responsible coronavirus countermeasures to keep competitions running and teams protected. By using MEDsan’s Task Force Mobile, teams can rest assured that their testing procedure is in safe hands.”

If you’re interested in deploying MEDsan’s Task Force Mobile for on-site testing for your team, contact us for details.