MEDsan’s rapid antibody testing kits used by Monaco government in a campaign to test the entire population

Case Study, Press Release  -  May 18th 2020

MEDsan’s rapid antibody testing kits used by Monaco government in a campaign to test the entire population

The Monaco government is planning to conduct 90,000 COVID-19 antibody tests in a campaign to test its entire population from next week. Positive people will then be quarantined. Out of a thousand people already tested, less than 2% have been infected with the virus.

On Thursday 14th May, Didier Gamerdinger, government minister of Social Affairs & Health, hosted a press conference in which he presented his plans to test the 90,000 residents and employees of the Principality. “We will offer all of these two populations rapid tests to find out, in ten minutes, whether or not they have been in contact with the virus. Our theoretical capacity is 4,000 people tested per day.”

The covid19 antibody testing campaign is on a voluntary basis, and residents have been encouraged to take the test which will be paid for by the government. The results are given to patients immediately and recorded on a confidential database. The vast campaign will make it possible to assess the status of the entire population.

The campaign is already underway. Last week employees including dancers from the Ballets de Monte-Carlo were tested by volunteers from the Monaco Red Cross, using MEDsan’s covid19 antibody test. “This allows us to consider, in a second step, the total or partial resumption of the artistic activity of the company and its fifty choreographic artists” said a spokesperson from the ballet.

On the reliability of the covid19 antibody tests, Didier Gamerdinger explained “We considered that if the tests were not of good enough quality, it was useless. We had the tests tested. Regarding MEDsan’s coronavirus tests, they have been tested in the laboratory, at the CHPG (French College of General Hospital Pneumologists) and in Cannes.” MEDsan’s covid19 antibody tests are manufactured in Germany and have a clinical sensitivity of 96.88% and a specificity of 100%. So far, MEDsan UK has provided Monaco with 50,000 tests via the Red Cross.

In the UK, MEDsan’s tests are still under review with the UK government. covid19 antibody testing remains the only practical option in which to test large volumes of population or employees at once. The coronavirus tests can be undertaken anywhere, results are given within a few minutes, and the data is therefore correct at that point in time, as opposed to serology antibody testing conducted in a hospital environment, where there is a often a wait of several days for results. covid19 antibody tests are available for UK businesses to use now and could hold the key to unlocking the UK economy and getting businesses back to work safely.

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