MEDsan UK markets German-manufactured COVID-19 antibody tests with 99% accuracy to UK businesses

Press Release  -  April 28th 2020

MEDsan UK markets German-manufactured COVID-19 antibody tests with 99% accuracy to UK businesses

MEDsan UK is the UK distribution arm of MEDsan GmbH, part of SanPharma GmbH. Established in 1978, SanPharma is an independent company focussing on the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Based in Hamburg, SanPharma is a continuously growing company with over 280 employees and products distributed in over 42 countries worldwide.

SanPharma combines 44 years of expertise in immunobiological pharmaceuticals and medical devices with the latest scientific knowledge. SanPharma‘s manufacturing capacities can manufacture up to 700,000 COVID-19 antibody testing kits a day in Germany, to the highest specification.

Simple to use, with just a pinprick of blood, results are given within 10 minutes. The coronavirus test identifies the presence of IgM and IgG antibodies, to tell the user if they have been infected with COVID-19. The coronavirus tests have a clinical sensitivity of 96.88%, a specificity of 100% and a total accuracy of 99%, making them amongst the most accurate in the market. These coronavirus tests are CE certified.

As of 28th April 2020, MEDsan UK have received over 30 million orders from over 20 countries globally for the rapid COVID-19 antibody tests including 13 million from the USA, 13 million from Spain and 2.5 million from Italy. Our customers include European governments and university hospitals across the USA, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Our rapid COVID-19 antibody tests are now available for UK businesses to be able to test their employees, to help get businesses back to work safely. Identifying and isolating infected employees will help ensure workplaces are kept safe whilst still conducting business. A next step in the global fight against COVID-19 might be regular testing of all employees, including those showing no symptoms. Regular testing on a global scale across industries would help keep the workforce safe and get the economy back up and running. Rapid tests, such as MEDsan UK’s COVID-19 antibody test are vitals tools for screening during lockdown and in the event of a second wave of the pandemic.

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