Steel Manufacturer tests workforce for immunity post-vaccine with antibody testing

Case Study  -  June 22nd 2021

Steel Manufacturer tests workforce for immunity post-vaccine with antibody testing

MEDsan UK Supplies Leading Global Steel Manufacturer Paralloy with Rapid Antibody Testing

With the UK exiting national lockdown, and manufacturing facilities back up and running at full capacity, ensuring these facilities stay safe and free from infection is of critical importance to ensure the easing of restrictions are not reversed.

As the vaccination programme continues at pace, many working adults are in receipt of their vaccinations and are ready to once again work with their colleagues. Rapid antibody testing provides numerous benefits to UK businesses during this period of transition. They can test for current infection and they can test for antibodies generated post-vaccination, giving businesses the assurances they need around the immunity of their workforce.

Global steel and nickel manufacturers Paralloy are offering their workforce rapid antibody testing from MEDsan UK, to ensure their staff have reached immunity following their vaccinations and therefore pose a very low risk of transmission when working on site.

Les Parker, Head of EHS and Compliance at Paralloy, said: “Rapid antibody tests are especially useful here at Paralloy, where our staff need to work in close proximity and social distancing isn’t always possible. It gives us peace of mind that we have the highest level of protection, particularly as our staff get vaccinated. We know that vaccination effectiveness stands at around 85%, so confirming our employees have the antibodies is key. We have used MEDsan UK’s rapid lateral flow tests for some time, with consistent results.”

MEDsan UK’s rapid antibody tests identify both IgM and IgG antibodies, meaning they can identify those currently infected with coronavirus, and those who have reached immunity either from being previously infected, or from vaccination. MEDsan UK recommends waiting 3 weeks after a second dose of coronavirus vaccination before testing for antibodies.

MEDsan UK’s rapid antibody tests are manufactured in Germany, with an accuracy of 98.3%. MEDsan supplies coronavirus antigen and antibody tests to governments, hospitals and private businesses all around the world.

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