Helping the Hospitality Sector Get Back to Work Safely

Press Release  -  May 29th 2020

Helping the Hospitality Sector Get Back to Work Safely

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially hard felt in the hospitality sector, where many businesses have experienced a devastating 95% drop in revenue from last year. As hospitality businesses look to get operations restarted, the safety of employees and customers is of critical importance to protect the public’s health and to prevent a second peak of infection. The pandemic has given the public a different view of hygiene and social distancing practices, and businesses clearly prioritising the health and safety concerns of its patrons are more likely to attract their custom.

So how does an industry so dependent on people get back to business safely and responsibly? By employing a comprehensive health and safety strategy, hospitality businesses can protect employees and customers from infection. Cleaning regimes and hygiene protocols need to be ramped up, social distancing applied wherever possible, PPE given to staff and, most importantly, an employee testing program established.

To give a clear view on any presence of infection in the workplace, rapid covid19 antibody testing is a cost-effective and practical means in which to do this. Weekly testing of staff will enable employers to understand if any staff have or have had the virus and any quarantine measures that need to be put in place. Most importantly, rapid COVID19 antibody test gives results within 10 minutes, enabling businesses to have a constant view of any infection.

There are no hospital visits and no waiting for laboratory results.

Once a thorough health and safety regime, including staff COVID19 antibody testing is in place, this should be clearly communicated to customers. A business that has comprehensively, recently, and frequently tested its staff for COVID-19 is much more likely to appeal to its public than those without, particularly in the hospitality industry where human interaction is so prevalent. Guests will only return to establishments if they feel safe and they are much more likely to return to businesses who know their staff are free from infection.

An employee testing program is a cost-effective solution that can win back its required investment with the customer confidence it brings.

MEDsan UK advises hospitality businesses throughout the country on their back to work strategies. Our team advises companies on how to test their employees, whether that be in the home or workplace. Our consultant physician is also on hand for medical advice and guidance.

Getting Hospitality Back in Business Safely

  • A revised floor layout with 2 metres distance between tables and customers
  • Additional disinfection of touchpoints – light switches, door handles, taps, tabletops
  • Clean-down with sanitiser between each sitting
  • Sanitiser gel at entrance of premises
  • Partition screens between staff and customers
  • Daily staff temperature checks
  • Masks
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Footwear disinfectant
  • Frequent rapid covid19 antibody testing

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