MEDsan UK launches rapid antigen test to detect both coronavirus and the flu with just one sample

Press Release  -  December 17th 2020

MEDsan UK launches rapid antigen test to detect both coronavirus and the flu with just one sample

Throughout the coming winter months, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic may be further compounded with the onset of seasonal flu. This will place an even greater pressure on our NHS capacity, testing facilities and PPE requirements.

With COVID-19, the flu and other infections in circulation, it’s a confusing time for those falling ill. COVID-19 shares many symptoms with flu, including a continuous cough, fever, fatigue and aches and pains. These overlapping symptoms can make it difficult to decipher whether one has caught COVID-19 or the flu. It is crucial that we identify who has COVID-19 so we can stop the spread of the pandemic effectively by self-isolating and contact tracing while also allowing those who can go to work.

How MEDsan UK’s new test can distinguish between the two viruses

MEDsan UK’s new Multiplex SARS-CoV-2 & Flu A/B Rapid Antigen Test can detect SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), influenza A and influenza B antigens. The test, undertaken with a swab from the nose or throat, can differentiate between these different antigens and give a highly accurate result within just 20 minutes. You will not require any further equipment and do not have to wait for laboratory results. The test must be administered by a trained healthcare professional.

This new test is a simple, reliable, and highly accurate means to understand the infection status of an individual and could help reduce the seasonal burden on the NHS.

Officially listed by the BfArM Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, MEDsan UK’s Multiplex SARS-CoV-2 & Flu A/B test is manufactured in Germany to the highest specification. The test is CE certified and has a clinical sensitivity of 92.5% for SARS-CoV-2 and 97.9% for both influenza A and B.