Antibody and Antigen Testing After A Vaccine

Advice  -  April 12th 2021

Antibody and Antigen Testing After A Vaccine

Now the UK’s national vaccination programme is well underway, with many adults already in receipt of their first dose of coronavirus vaccine, we have received queries on how our rapid tests respond to the vaccine.

The MEDsan Covid-19 IgM / IgG Rapid Antibody Test will be able to identify when you and your colleagues have developed IgG coronavirus antibodies after your vaccine, and therefore have immunity from the virus. The test detects antibodies against N as well as against S protein antigens. Therefore, it is suitable to detect antibody responses after vaccination since all currently available vaccines are focused to generate the S protein. Please note, for optimal results, we recommend waiting until 3 weeks after your second dose before testing yourself for antibodies generated by the vaccine.

MEDsan Covid-19 IgM / IgG Rapid Antibody Tests are manufactured in Germany to the highest specifications and have a greater than 98.3% accuracy.

Whilst the vaccination programme continues at pace, rapid testing is the most practical and reliable means to check your infection status. 1 in 3 people infected with coronavirus show no symptoms at all, and therefore testing is the only means to check you are infection free. Our rapid antigen tests are able to identify those who are currently infected with coronavirus, including those who have been vaccinated. It is possible to still contract coronavirus and be infectious even after vaccination.

MEDsan UK remains here to help UK businesses get back to work safely.