About Our Partner MEDsan GmbH

MEDsan UK is the exclusive UK distribution arm of MEDsan GmbH, an independent company based in Hamburg focussing on the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. MEDsan GmbH is a spin-off out of SanPharma GmbH. Established in 1978, SanPharma is a continuously growing company with over 280 employees and products distributed in over 42 countries worldwide.

MEDsan GmbH combines SanPharma’s 44 years of expertise in immunobiological pharmaceuticals and medical devices with the latest scientific knowledge. MEDsan GmbH’s manufacturing capacities can manufacture up to 700,000 COVID-19 testing kits a day in Germany, to the highest specification.

MEDsan GmbH have received over 50 million orders from over 20 countries globally for the COVID-19 rapid tests. Customers include European governments and university hospitals across the USA, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Our Partner

MEDsan GmbH
Brandshofer Deich 10
D-20539 Hamburg,