98.3% Accurate Tests Now Available

Press Release  -  August 2nd 2020

98.3% Accurate Tests Now Available

Since first developing our COVID-19 rapid antibody test, our team at MEDsan have been working around the clock to refine and develop the test. We originally had a very high sensitivity of 97.1%, but with our refinement work we are now able to report an incredible result of 98.3% accuracy.

MEDsan’s test is amongst the most accurate available and this is a brilliant achievement for our team. The work doesn’t stop here, and we are continuing to develop our antibody test.

With a second peak looking increasingly likely, it is now more important than ever for UK businesses to take responsible action and test their employees for the virus. Rapid antibody testing is convenient, can be carried out in any location, generates results in just minutes and now offers an accuracy of over 98%.

Rapid antibody testing enables businesses to have peace of mind that their workplace is free from infection whilst they continue operations. Antibody testing is the most practical means possible to protect the health of your employees, protect your business and protect the UK economy.

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